Oregon Coast Trail - The Strategery in Brief

I know, it's STRATEGY. I hope you follow my joke there...

It's simple right? Hike south along the coast.

Getting There

Taking a bus from Portland to Warrenton and overnighting at Ft. Stevens campground. Starting early the next day.


I felt like a total idiot when I approached Bonnie Henderson at the ALDHA-West winter ruck in Cascade Locks. I asked her about navigation on the OCT. Hah. How lost can you get when the sun rises in the east and the ocean is to your right the entire way? What I meant though, was about when and where to find beach exits and navigate around and in headlands and if it was possible to do that without GPS, since she gives GPS coordinates of entrances and exits off the beach and various other areas linking to the OCT route. She said I would be fine without GPS and I think I agree! 

I cut out all OCT trail info from her book and divided it into north, central and south coast as laid out in the book. I'll be carrying these with me. 

I also popped for Gaia GPS for my iPhone. It's SO AMAZING and worth every penny. I love it. I think it'll help with mileage goals, tracking my speed and having a clearer picture of where I am at.  

Cheese! I cut all the maps!

Cheese! I cut all the maps!


Despite what has been suggested, I will be sending myself two food boxes. Why? Because I like to eat well, and I do not want to be subject to the temptations of gas stations and expensive restaurant food. Plus, a lot of what I want to eat will not be available to me in stores along the coast. To top it off, I have fabulous bulk bin choices here in Portland, a Costco membership, an Amazon Prime account and I own a mail order business that will ship my stuff for free. Why the hell not?

Hike your own hike, as they say. And I will.

I chose to resupply at roughly every 100 mile mark. So, Lincoln City and Florence will be my stops. Florence I will have to walk through even if I don't wanna so I thought that'd be a good spot.


I'm gunna wing it as I go. Bonnie has a blog series on where to sleep while you're out there, here, here and here.

Gear + Clothing

After a year of saving and pinching I have bought a fairly decent ultralight set up. I will be posting a full gear breakdown here soon. 

My pack was last weighing in at 9.5lbs. I have everything a usual backpacker might need. I'll add in my water filter for the south coast since things get a little sparse out there. I am taking a stove since water access will be fairly easy and there will be plenty of access to fuel. I am using an alcohol stove.

I am questioning whether or not to bring rain pants. I have them, they just weigh a lot. 9oz a lot. Summers have been dry out here, and I don't mind getting a little wet. Eh. I should probably bring them? Probably. 

I am using Altra Lone Peak trail runners. The tread on them is kinda low and I wonder if I should just buy a new pair since I know the road will likely eat them up. The cheapo in me says just deal with it. I'll deal with it.

Getting Home

At the end, I'll have to hump it back to Brookings, bus it to Klamath Falls and then train my way back into Portland. Total of two days for that trip. I may have a ride lined up, but we'll see.

Full gear break down is up next.

Gear! Gear! Gear!