Day 6 // An Amazing Zero

I wake at 5. Still a little sleepy. I jump on my phone to begin tapping out a backlog of blog posts.

There's coffee and and Deb begins making us a gluten free egg based breakfast cake with berries and an assortment of jams. It snows while we wait for breakfast. We all chatter in the kitchen and catch up on little things in our regular life, like blogging.


On our drive to town we stop at a farmers market with so many different types of honey. Avocado, high and low desert sage, grapefruit, orange... I settle on a tiny bottle of orange blossom honey and some beef jerky.

Left, Acid Jesus. Right, Bananas. Taste testing all the honey.

Left, Acid Jesus. Right, Bananas. Taste testing all the honey.


We make a town run and eat some of the best Thai food I've had in my whole life. It's even even because I'm in hiker mode, it was just incredible. I have a roasted duck pad Thai. Acid and I are ravenous and soon we both get smacked with food coma. We can't finish our food. 

We drive to a nearby grocery store and load up on a few extra items. We wander the isles in a delirious state, searching for things that pack out well.


Deb makes a run to Warner Springs. We grab a few items from a little airstream outfitter and pop into the hiker resource center. It's packed with 30 or so hikers. It smells like wet dog and BO and I kinda like it. 


Back at the house, I put myself into seclusion to write. I can't get behind like this again! It's difficult to write while on trail. But the writing helps me process events and brings better understanding to my own situations.  

Ellie, the cute little cat bean. 

Ellie, the cute little cat bean. 

After a while we eat leftovers and talk. Spinal Tap plays on the TV. I take a bath with a glass of wine and soak in Epsom salts. What is this life even?  

My face is red and I'm hot, I feel puffy. My body is healing from the damage of the last week. The blister on the bottom of my foot is thankfully drying out. 

Acid, Bananas, Pedia and I all gather to resort our food in the basement. I very much appreciate the camaraderie we've developed between us. We stay in touch with Honeybuns and Knock on Wood. We'll all likely meet at Scissors Crossing.  

Soon, the wine lulls me into a sleep fog. In the morning I'll get my pack together and it'll be back to the trail. I'm eager to hike and I'm overwhelmed with the amount of generosity we've received from Deb. We lucked out immensely and we're all eternally grateful.

I lay down on the Thomas the Train sheets. Tomorrow, trail. Now, sleep.