Hello, I am Perfect Pitch, or just Pitch. Witch Wandering is my trail log and personal record keeper of my planned through-hikes of the Oregon Coast Trail ('16) and Pacific Crest Trail ('17). This is a separate branch from my personal blog, Archaic Honey. Over there I talk about both medicinal and magical bio-regional herbalism, divination and witchcraft. These are things I do, hence the name Witch Wandering. While there will be some slight overlapping between blogs, this is primarily a place for me to 110% comfortably nerd out on hike related shit.

I am a 31 year old double Aries with Aquarius rising currently living in Portland, OR where I have been a resident for close to 10 years now. Raised an Army brat, I now call Oregon my home. I am a self-employed person and use my skills in perfumery, bath and body formulation, herbalism and tarot reading to make a living. I am the former nose, formulator and founder behind Haus of Gloi, one of the most popular indie bath and beauty brands on the internet. I left my active role as co-owner to hike the PCT in spring of 2017 and turn over a new page in life. I have a side thing with Archaic Honey slinging tarot cards and making potions. I plan to launch into this work full time after I am done with the PCT.

If you have an interest in supporting me while on trail, you can read about that here.